Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cindi Gets a Ticket...(or two)

In Doha, people pass on the curb, park on the sidewalk, drive on the wrong side of the street.  That does NOT mean you (should) too.

I'm the black car parked in the middle of the street - along with all those other (UNticketed) cars.
doing what everyone else does is bad

see circle on window?

that would be a violation sticker

But officer, everyone does it!  Why was I singled out to receive a ticket?

Was it the Budget-Rent-a-car sticker?  My little blonde head?  That it's against the rules and I shouldn't have parked there?  All of the above?

In researching "what to do next" Bob (not so cheerfully) discovered…there were actually two tickets issued against his car.  Wow, coincidence as I'd parked in that spot, in that manner, in that line of cars exactly…twice.

Here are a few traffic violation repercussions:

"Using mobile phone while driving:  QAR 3,000-QAR10,000 (approx. $825-$2,750USD) or up to 1 year imprisonment...

"Driving Under the Influence of Liquor...Driving in the Opposite Direction of the Traffic Flow...Not Wearing Seat Belts...Not Leaving Enough Space Between 2 Vehicles...Beating the Red Light: QAR10,000-QAR50,000 (approx. $2,750-$13,750USD) or 1 Month to 1 year imprisonment or Both..."

Oh, and no leaving the country until consequences are addressed.

Turned out my tickets cost QAR300 EACH (about $83.00USD).  Bob was not pleased.
Bob looking displeased

But the real punishment was the 45 minutes it took to drive through afternoon traffic and construction to pay up.  On a sunny day when I'd planned on… the beach.
beautiful Katie at the Inland Sea


But don't worry.  I've learned my lesson.  No (more) doing what everyone else does,

Unless it involves sun and sand…


Anonymous said...

Can you hear me LAUGHING??!!!??? There's and edge to it (the laughter). A horror story of sorts. How does one protect oneself from a ticket for doing what everybody else does?
In Egypt we had Saadi. He knew the REAL rules--and boundaries. And would have known whether it was the rent-a-car sticker or your little blond head.
Do you have a "Saadi" to run those questions by? .. your Mom

Anonymous said...

Bob's picture is a classic! his Mom in law

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you go that ticket!I'm sure it was the blond hair. I'm so glad to see you're having fun, too. What an experience. I hear a story coming!! This was the first time I got to upload your pictures on my FB. It looks wonderful. Sending hugs. Stay safe, Please!! Sheri

reztak said...

Interesting tale. Loved the picture of Bob.