Friday, March 30, 2012

Why I'm Not Posting a Blog Today

Test on Tuesday!

To tide you over, here are some images from last week's cloudy day walkabout - past the guards, beyond the gates and INSIDE the amazing hidden (to me) park BEHIND the Islamic Museum:

the BACK of the museum - that's the Heart of Doha (Bob's project) at the photo's center

cool place to sit (and study, which is what I did here)

interesting structure, nifty clouds

inside the interesting structure

another cool place to sit, um lay, and stare at the Persian Gulf - believe it or not, even I was not bold enough to photograph the young couple seen lounging here moments later

beyond the hill and family preparing to picnick (popular activity here) - wide body of water and… towering West Bay buildings (farther away than they appear)

the Pearl (where we live)!

More coming soon…

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