Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Open Letter to the Sun

Dear Sun,
It's been three long days since I felt your kiss warm on my face.  Three days since your light has brightened the sky, shimmered against the water, reflected itself in glass.

Three days of cold wind and blowing sand.  Three days of watering eyes, absent horizons and gritty floors…inside the house.

Three days, Sun.

Remember how we helped Hannah find seashells on the beach?
Have you forgotten the great time we had jogging at the park and snuggling by the pool?  Those intimate walks along the Corniche?

Did it mean anything to you, Sun?

They tell me that your hazy bed is a merely a prelude to a summer of boiling water and scorched earth.  That you'll be back with a vengeance to belie our earlier closeness.  That one day soon even the sand and wind won't be able to cool your fury.

Must you withhold these last few days of dry, blue, beach sky?

I miss you.
Signed, an admirer

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