Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What We've Been Up To...

hitched boat ride around Doha Bay...

...with this nice group of international teachers (would love to send this pic on with a working email address or phone number)

Meanwhile, Bob:
still working

And Bob:

hangs at the job site

enjoys hot tea ("shay") in tiny little mugs

Of course, it hasn't been ALL fun and games.   Bob does this every evening:
power walk and gym time

While Cindi enoys an everlasting never ending all day all the time takes 4 hours to do a handful at a time lot of this:
We both do a lot of this:

But only Cindi does this:
Arabic lessons
 In this amazing place:

fanar building

unmarked ladies entrance
seriously, don't even think about it

Taking advantage of opportunities to try new things:

As we make the most of our time together:

Love you, miss you, keep those cards and letters (ie, emails, facebook, comments) coming!


Anonymous said...

Nice. Mom/Peggy

The Sartain Family said...

Love this post!! It's so true :)

MaryAnn's Travels said...

You guys are like newlyweds!!! You have gone from two boring Midwestern married people, to two hip, International globe trotting hot guy/girl combo!

Lucinda H. Kennaley said...

Hey, what? Midwestern, yes. Boring, NO! :)