Thursday, January 24, 2013

Why Do Qatari Men Touch Noses?

Watch this funny video from Iranian-American comedian Maz Jobrani for the answer:
I know, I know - I promised:  a blog every Friday, no matter what.  But today…I'm just too tired.  After a (busy, but fun) week of 9-hour and an 11-hour shifts with students at Weill Cornell Medical College.  A week of early mornings, hurried shopping, midnight laundry.
A week of language classes missed.
A week of sunshine lost.
I'm befuddled in English, confused in Arabic, mixed up in Khaleeji, Masri, FusHa.
There are the usual distractions muddling my horizon - half marathon training after a long setback.  Missing family, faraway car troubles, taxes due, FAFSAs to complete…five babies I haven't seen in way. too. long.
And new distractions like Bob's guys-go-golf trip to ABU DHABI this weekend (clicker to myself! Snacks and sweatpants in front of the tv!) and deciding if I should run tomorrow's inaugural "Doha Marathon" along the Corniche - just advertised in yesterday's paper.
If I were blogging today I might write about stuff in the news…for example how all women (teachers, administrators, support staff) were suddenly banned from working in Independent Boys' Schools (ie, Qatari public schools). "For fear that (young boys) may start imitating their behavior or mannerisms."  (Doha News Link)
Or about Sheikha Moza's nanny training school where "the goal of the academy (is to) protect children from other cultures that diffuse into the society through Asian nannies in particular." (Doha News Link)

Or maybe I'd tell you about red suburbans and motorcycles and drivers with guns who park in the middle of roundabouts, blocking/clogging roads, so whomever-high-up can get from here to there unimpeded.  And how it used to be interesting to watch the long line of black cars stream past and wonder, who-might-that-be?  But now when I see those speeding flashes of red…I whip the car around and consider how wide a circle I'll have to make to avoid the inevitable traffic backup. 
unrelated palm trees pic
Nope, I'm just not up to blogging today. Instead I'm gonna watch another funny video, drink some coffee and…wait for the sun.


Peggy said...

I didn't promise a comment every Friday night --but I've given you one for--it seems like forever--and I don't want you to wonder if I was here and if I read your no blog tonight blog which I did and enjoyed it, and also watched the Nose touching video and laughed but it's too late for me to be creative or funny, so I hope you won't miss my comment too much.

Cindi said...

What a bummer that you don't feel creative or funny enough to comment because I really look forward to hearing from you here - and I might even reply...if you were to comment, that is. :)

sheri levy said...

I loved the video. It was fun seeing the audience, also.Yes. I believe the middle east is changing and growing. It's important for all the world to learn about each other and be able to get along. You sound very busy!!Hugs,

Peggy said...

You asked if I read this "last week" (for the traffic aspect). I did-- because I posted here -- but focussed on why men touch noses. NOW I've gone through the traffic post both here and September 6! And posted there too :)
Just like being there. The pictures in September deserve a place as profile pics--at least for a week or so. I want pictures like those of ME! They say sooooooo much!! Love...

cindi kennaley said...

Why can't you take pictures like that of you? Do it! And then - post. :)