Thursday, February 23, 2012

Corniche Potty Break

I know it's environmentally (and politically?) correct.  It's probably more sanitary and maybe easier than paper…once you get used to it.  One expat wife said she found the spray "refreshing."  But I wonder…

How to dry off before pulling up your…well, you know. Drip dry, perhaps? Have you ever squatted over a hole waiting on an air-out? 

I search the stalls for something familiar: 

Is the wet seat a product of the previously mentioned sanitary spray or something less appealing? 

What would you do? 

I place my feet in the marked position and send up a prayer of gratitude for gym lunges.  I assure you the device is architecturally sound as everything goes straight down the hole.  Perhaps it IS more sanitary, I think. 

And then…I drop my keys. 

Back at the Pearl…there are options:

Potty, paper, spray…and a little bottom sink. 

What would YOU do?


Anonymous said...

Depends on how bad I have to go! Love AK

Anonymous said...

They all look clean and at least there are stalls--no pics of community facilities with a dozen or so holes available? We are spoiled. GrMaMa

Anonymous said...

Ah those were the days. I remember them well! I particularly remember the Fayoum in the town square and using the community toilet (co-ed)! And then there was Ed Fou, where we were given the only room with a toilet en suite--no one had ever cleaned it. Great adventure you are having daughter!

cindi said...

"Ed Fou"? Where was that? At the dig I joined there was a plain old hole in the ground (no feet) and a bucket of water for "flushing" and..."whatever."

Most places are pretty modern here - but all the bathrooms seem to have options like this (usually WITHOUT paper...).