Friday, December 9, 2011

An Email From Bob: Walking the Pearl

It took about an hour to walk to Tower 31 at the Pearl.  The beach is small with no waves except from passing boats - but it IS a beach!  There are umbrellas and chairs set up and ready to use on a first come/first served basis and a sand volleyball court too.

 The West Bay is right across the water - looks great during the day, even better at night. 

A temporary Christmas store was set up in an empty building – about a dozen tents with a very small selection of gifts like tee shirts and jewelry.  Nice, with Christmas music playing in the background.

After my two-hour walk (there and back), I decided not go to the (grocery) store tonight and instead just eat some curry spice noodles I already had on hand for dinner.  Yum.

(editors note:  Bob would referring to those square .10 cents-to-buy-em, jippy-tummy inducing college-student packs of Ramen noodles that you quit eating as soon you’re graduated and hired, whether it’s dishing up fries at McDonald’s or…oh, I dunno…working as an architect in Qatar.  J  Sad, huh?  He needs me.)


Anonymous said...

I know what I want for Christmas --a tee shirt from Qatar? Worth waiting for :-) !! Mom/Peggy/GrandMaMa

Anonymous said...

Temps are in the high 60s here - cool, but not cold (to me). On my walk there were people in heavy coats, hats, and even gloves. I wore my t-shirt and was very comfortable.

Anonymous said...

About how many ex pat workers and of what nationality are there in Qatar?

Anonymous said...

According to Bob, the population is approximately 80/20 - with hawagas taking the majority over Qataris! Workers are from every corner of the globe - a lot from India and the Philippines, but England, Syria, Lebanon, Korea, New Zealand and the US (not as many Americans as there are people from other places) are represented too. The common language? English.