Thursday, December 8, 2011

Doha Happenings

Bob’s been to the camel races, souq, and dined at a wide variety of fine establishments, but there’s plenty more to do in Doha.  Follow the links below to see what Bob’s coworkers and their onsite families are up to.  There is the inland sea, singing dunes, old forts, malls, Souq Waqif and…well, take a look!

The Sartain Family:
Mike and Tracy Sartain just had their third child – in Doha! Look for a picture of Bob at the Thanksgiving celebration.  The Sartains head back to the states in June.

Myers Family:
This young family travels – a lot!  Israel, Scotland, Ireland, Ethiopia, France, Holland…I want to go!

Here are pics of their trip to the inland sea - a place Katie, Kimber and I hope to spend some time.  Directions:  “…go to the end of the road and head south for about 20 km.”  I understand the sea is surrounded by dunes and is a hazardous drive (Bob says we are not to go alone – in case the car eats sand and dies).  Looks like the trip is worth it:

Dune jumping looks like fun!

There are also four malls, the Corniche, seedo rentals (in the bay outside Bob’s window) and, of course – one may shop, jog, ogle at the Pearl...right outside Bob's front door.  (Assuming I can walk by that time.  Think positive thoughts.)

More coming soon…

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait until I can go! Get over there already and discover everything I need to do! :) -Kay