Saturday, October 29, 2011

Welcome... Bob's blog!  If you're reading this, you likely know who's doing the actual writing - not Bob.  :)  Hope to get him to post every now and then.  Meanwhile, I'll do my best to keep you updated.
Bob and I talk via skype every day.  (Did I mention how glad I am we bought those twin laptops?)  Occasionally, work and sleep get in the way - that 8 hour time difference puts us at opposite ends of the clock.  That he's a night owl and I'm a morning bird helps.  That I'm doing the butt-in-chair stuck-at-home thing with a fractured ankle helps too. 

Bob's latest Friday Outing:  camel races!

Camels raced on an inside track while cars circled on an outside track.  The weather was a gorgeous, "cool," albeit shirt-dampening 95 degrees.

Bob promises more pictures.  Will post.  Hope you like.  :)
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