Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 25

As expected, Bob’s working a LOT:  Sunday-Thursday are his “regular” work days, with Saturday an “overtime” day (which he’s expected to work).  Friday is the Muslim holy day, so he’s off that day only.  He’s still in a (2-bedroom, 2-bath, full kitchen AND a washer/dryer in the unit) hotel and sharing a car with a young guy from KC, but hopes to get his own car (thus, personal mobility) this week.  His “handler” showed him some apartments a couple of weeks ago and it looks like he’ll be in a one bedroom here:

More like a resort than a hotel, don’t you think?  Rough living!  He said it’s REALLY NICE - although it’s a bit farther away from the job site than other options.  (He’s willing to make the sacrifice.)

The sun rises at 4am and it’s dark by 5pm so by the time he gets “home,” it feels like bedtime.  He tends to eat a hot lunch out somewhere then have a sandwich in the evenings.

Technology is a challenge yet.  He’s not receiving ANY email from us at his office address.  He does get gmail (if you write to him at his domain address it goes into his gmail box), but internet at the hotel is finicky – and every time his room is cleaned his internet pass codes disappear (ummmmmmm, maybe keep them with you, Bob?)!  We’re connecting on skype (so glad we got the laptops!!) – he’s usually back in his room around 10am our time (he’s 8 hours ahead of us, so that’s 6pm his time).

There IS a Catholic church in Qatar ( – this is a huge, big deal and a compromise on the part of the monarchy to accommodate the many many expats working in the country.  There are NO markers, bells, signs, etc leading to it, however…in fact, Bob was unable to find it last Sunday – and it’s not a small building!  He’ll try again in the daylight on Friday.  J

I’ll bring my laptop to Grams’s as soon as Kimber can get me there – it seems my foot was indeed fractured when I fell last month.  I’m in a (soft) cast and on crutches for a(nother) month now.  Don’t like!  (I guess my angels decided I needed to spend some time working on upper body strength.)

Katie, Kimber and I are going to Qatar for Christmas and New Year’s.  We’ll help Bob get his household set up while checking things out for all of you.  J 

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