Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Job Site Visit

The (entire) email read:  “On job site yesterday with Mike the structural engineer from BMcD.”

It’s very hot in Qatar, so the office dress code is what might be considered Super Casual Saturday in my neck of the woods: tee shirts, jeans, cargo pants.  No ties. This photo may be Bob’s first visit to the job site, even as his office is right next door, overlooking construction, as befits a Senior Architect working the Construction Administration phase of a huge project.

Required – hardhat, steel toed boots and vest.  The boots appeared on his desk chair one day, just his size.  Vest and hardhat?  In stock.

Here’s what one website says about the project:

“The $5.5bn Musheireb development, the world's first sustainable downtown regeneration project, will regenerate 35 hectares (86 acres) site in the historical downtown Doha. The project aims to transform the old commercial and business district into the vibrant, cohesive and culturally alive city centre that it once was. The unique mixed-use project will simultaneously address issues of congestion, sustainability, and maintaining the aesthetic and social individuality of Qatar…upcoming phases will include design and construction supervision of a multi-use cultural forum, a central luxury hotel and serviced apartments, offices, townhouses, a primary school, a mosque, a shopping street and central power plant…”

In other words…lots of construction going on!

Here’s a photo of some interesting buildings in Doha:

Comment, people!


Kay said...

AWESOME! Bob in his element! We're so proud of you Bob!

Anonymous said...

Great to actually SEE some of Qatar! I've got the weather on my IPAD -- maybe rain next week. The high is hot, but the low is close to Missouri, this week, anyway. Are there any parks there? Palm trees?

Anonymous said...

That's not a vessel, boat or even a ship... that's what we call a huge, friggin' luxury yacht! Wow, what an amazing island and place to live!! Bob's home away from home looks great and the views look even better... but the bed appears to be made of concrete... is it? And, there's a man in the shower taking pictures. Cindy, I suggest bringing a blow-up mattress and a bathrobe... LOL!

Cindi Kennaley said...

:) Billy, I'll bet you meant to post this on the "Bob's New Apartment" blog (for anyone wondering). THANKS for commenting!! I emailed Bob and asked if I need to send a mattress topper for my side. :)