Saturday, October 29, 2011

October 16

…Just off skype with Bob.  He looks great – hanging out in the business class lounge at JFK until time to board his flight for Dubai.  The lounge looks HUGE.  “Free” food and drinks (he was drinking a beer…his last for a while since we won’t be buying the $500 alcohol license in Doha), tv, fax, internet, etc etc.  He’ll board the (two level) plane from the business lounge – priority seating.  J

While we were chatting, Jim called – that was fun!  Then the other guy going with Bob (Ben) stopped by and told me about his marathon (he ran the KC marathon yesterday).  At one point Bob walked away to find his group and I watched from my little computer screen.  So very “Get Smart”-ish (for those of you around in the 70s).

So glad we got laptops and 21st century phones so we can communicate this way while Bob’s away!  If any of you have skype, you can add him using bobkennaley.

He won’t arrive in Doha until Monday night around 10:30pm…2:30pm our time.  Probably won’t hear from him again until Tuesday-ish.  And then the fun begins…he’s expected to put in a minimum of 45 hours Sun-Thursday, off Friday, and work in the morning on Saturday.  Busy, busy.

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