Friday, November 21, 2014

Why I'm Not Posting a Blog Today (Yeah, Again)

Summer 2014
I should tell you about my Egypt-themed story published in October 2014's Highlight's for Children. Or meeting with a lovely (ma sha' allah) Qatari woman and her female relatives in a gold, silver and mirror lined majlis as part of the American Women's Association/Qatari Women's Association "language buddies" program. Learning conversational Arabic in Kansas City. Or what it's like to live in the heart of the Middle East during a crisis period.
Katie and Krissy snuggle
Summer 2014
I could write about Qatar's falcons and how these birds get their own business class airplane seats. Or about shopping for groceries in a place that doesn't produce its own produce. Or what it's like to sit in one airplane for 16 3/4 hours, nonstop. And why some expat women in the Middle East take up drinking.
Or perhaps:
Desert Rose Hunting
When Humidity Set Off My Fire Alarm
Sounds of Doha (Traffic Redux)
Why I am not Muslim
my babies
omg I love them
Sigh. Yeah, I know. I should write a blog today.


tutu perfect

But doggone. I'm 16 3/4 hours from home - and five of the most beautiful people ever.
these faces
Seriously. Wouldn't you be distracted too?

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