Friday, November 21, 2014

Why I'm Not Posting a Blog Today (Yeah, Again)

Summer 2014
I should tell you about my Egypt-themed story published in October 2014's Highlight's for Children. Or meeting with a lovely (ma sha' allah) Qatari woman and her female relatives in a gold, silver and mirror lined majlis as part of the American Women's Association/Qatari Women's Association "language buddies" program. Learning conversational Arabic in Kansas City. Or what it's like to live in the heart of the Middle East during a crisis period.
Katie and Krissy snuggle
Summer 2014
I could write about Qatar's falcons and how these birds get their own business class airplane seats. Or about shopping for groceries in a place that doesn't produce its own produce. Or what it's like to sit in one airplane for 16 3/4 hours, nonstop. And why some expat women in the Middle East take up drinking.
Or perhaps:
Desert Rose Hunting
When Humidity Set Off My Fire Alarm
Sounds of Doha (Traffic Redux)
Why I am not Muslim
my babies
omg I love them
Sigh. Yeah, I know. I should write a blog today.


tutu perfect

But doggone. I'm 16 3/4 hours from home - and five of the most beautiful people ever.
these faces
Seriously. Wouldn't you be distracted too?

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Peggy S. Hedrick said...

Yes. I AM distracted, too. By your adorbs --and my adorbs. I was SOOOO glad to see that you told us why you weren't posting today. Even giving your regrets are done beautifully. Adorb. Can't wait to hear you are closer than 16 hours away.
LoveLoveLOveLoveLoveLoveLoveLove (for your five and my three)