Sunday, June 10, 2012

Pass the Passport - Cindi's Residency - 1

Bob was summoned to Immigration this morning, 7am.  Something about sponsoring his wife for residency.  He should bring all his "papers" (check), arrive early (check) and "call this number" upon arrival (um, check).  No need to bring Cindi.

Here's what it's like to go through the residency process:
  • Get certified copy of marriage certificate, drop it off at BMD office (while still in KC)
  • Fly to Doha - eat a lot of chocolate enroute
  • Go to pool
  • Receive email from Bob with status update
  • Go to pool
  • Wave goodbye as Bob heads for an early meeting at Immigration and 8-10 hours toiling over building plans
  • Go to pool
It's not all sunshine and chocolate, of course…I also make coffee, pick up/drop off shirts, do the laundry, grocery and money thing, drink coffee, drive around, pinch myself and giggle a lot.

Oh, and I go to the beach too.

Without a car today, I'll squeeze in study time for tomorrow's Big Arabic Test, jog at the gym, write, read - and study some more.

Then later, meet up with Bob for a wog around the Pearl, dinner, good conversation, a movie.

Ahhhhhhhh, expat life.  It's a struggle, but - somehow - I'm making it work. :)


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your blogs--especially the one about the library. Do they have used bookstores in Qatar?

Lucinda H. Kennaley said...

Not the kind you're talking about - that I've found (yet) anyway. With the exception of Jariir, which is a cross between Office Max, Barnes & Noble (because there's a coffee counter) and Archivers...and Maktabty (children's bookstore) which is MIA since the Villagio diaster...stores that claim to be "Stationery and Books" stores are mostly about old Hallmark cards and older Tinkerbell/Dumbo coloring books.