Friday, May 25, 2012

First Friday in Doha

The view outside our window this morning - my first Friday back in Doha:
Like fog on a California beach morning, the sand keeps rolling in.  Difference: the sun won't burn it away…only time does that.
Noses red and bloody. Chests sore.  Anybody still wondering why locals wear scarves and long, loose, robe-like clothing?
protecting my face from the elements (thanks for the scarf, MA)
Today is Bob's one day off.  We'll hit the Villaggio Mall (named for its Las Vegas mother), where we'll peruse shops like Footlocker, The Athlete's Foot, Claire's and Sephora.  We'll skip McDonalds and Baskin Robbins and head instead to Zaatar wo Zeit a popular Lebanese restaurant at at the entrance to the souq's alley maze.
We'll share a platter of fried cheese (jubneh halloumi) - salty deliciousness served with a plate of warm pita bread and a bowl of tomatoes and lettuce.  Make-your-own-cheese-sandwiches:  Yum.  Aheb ("I love").  If I can talk Bob into it, we'll wander the souq and see if we can find someone…anyone…who speaks Arabic before returning to our little apartment and a movie on Dubai 2 tv.
If lights are blinking across the bay we might enjoy a glass of wine on the terrace, where we'll watch people promenade the stone and brick pathway below.  Ahhh, Doha. Nice to be back.

 "Welcome Back" flowers from hubby…isn't he great?


Anonymous said...

Ahh, nice flowers and I love the picture of you in the scarf - artsy looking... So, how does one drive in a sandstorm? - K

Lucinda H. Kennaley said...

So far we (Bob and I) haven't experienced an all encompassing storm (like the Dubai-based storm created for Tom Cruise in Ghost Protocol). You don't really see the sand in the bubble around you (unless the wind is swatting you in the face with it). It's just when you look outside your bubble that you realize, oh-wow: sandstorm. So the answer drive in the bubble. :)