Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Hot and the Hottie

America, I love you.  But doggone you keep me so busy:  house, yard, taxes, cars, plumber, tile guy, yard guy, banking, mail.  Doctor appointments, cleaning… shopping, shopping, shopping to fill boxes, boxes, boxes.

And the weird stuff: Hilary Clinton’s signature on my (our) marriage license.  The bathroom that caves in, ant home invasion, tree funeral.


It isn’t all toil: happy hour. Arabic tutor. My piano, garden, gym. Garrison Keillor, Shrek-the-Musical, family time, soccer match, Hunger Games, Billy’s house, robins nesting in my downspout and… babies.

(Pause for heart swelling toenail curling squeezy cheesy absorbing encompassing love-dote-adoring…)

Sniff.  Ahem.

It’s been grand, America. But it’s time (again).

First…a pause in Pennsylvania (Eileen Spinelli! Highlights for Children!), Buffalo break (KATIE!!), DC layover (MARYANN!!).

Then:  back to the beach, my writing table, Corniche, Fanar.  Four hour loads of laundry, chewable dust, blistering sun.  Boiling water and burning sand.

Back to the hot…and the hottie:

More soon…

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