Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bob's Doha Holiday

Bob’s done a lot of driving around the city on his five day holiday, taking pictures, figuring out the malls, groceries and generally learning how to get from here to there.  Here are a few pics from today’s walkabout:

Bob’s apartment – the two second floor balconies on the right.
View from Bob’s balconies.  To the right of the red box are two men sitting on the back deck (to get an idea of how big the ship is).  He saw a couple “wogging” along the riverfront too – a man and woman wearing tee shirts and shorts.

Furthest yacht on the left is the vessel from the previous picture.  Bob’s apartment is just to the left (and up) from that ship (doesn’t seem right to call it a “boat”).
Think this is a swank interior hallway?  WRONG.  This is one view of an OUTSIDE mall near Bob’s apartment.

Another mall – this one’s inside.  The ceiling is painted with stars and yep, that’s a gondola ride, complete with gondolier.  There are malls-a-plenty in Doha; this one sports an Applebee’s, TGIFriday, McDonald’s, Burger King and a KFC – a local favorite, says Bob.
Today is Sunday and Bob was headed to church when we spoke at 9am in KC/6pm in Doha; now a 9 hour difference thanks to US daylight savings time.  He did finally find the church, an unadorned stucco appearing structure with lights arranged in a circular shape around the door.  More about that another time.
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