Sunday, December 21, 2014

We Would Like to Inquire of Your Absence

"As we aim to improve educational environment in our institute, We would like to inquire of your absence from sessions?
Your clear answer support us to develop our services." 
اسماء عبدالله صالح قاسم اليافعي'

Dear اسماء عبدالله صالح قاسم اليافعي'
Thank you for your email. This is why I stopped attending programs at Fanar:

  • You cancelled my upper level class after I'd worked so hard to get there
  • You fired my teachers
  • You would not allow a conversation majlis (ie, no opportunity to use what I'd learned)
  • Poor parking around Fanar
  • Ever increasing, horrendous Doha traffic

    I returned to Fanar in Fall 2014 after the summer break ready to begin LEVEL FIVE Arabic. There were just two people in the class, however, and we were told that a day class would not be made available. My classmate and I had worked hard for THREE YEARS and were the last two remaining from a 2011 entry program that had included 30+ students. Our efforts were rewarded with "the possibility" of an evening session but we have families and night classes are not feasible for us.
    Plus ever increasing traffic in the souk area makes night activities at Fanar undesirable.
    I paid the 300 QR fee and prepared to retake level four Arabic just for practice. The teacher was MUMTAZA JIDDAN. I liked her very much. But in the end there was too much traffic to make the effort.
    With the help of your wonderful female staff (ma sha allah) I attempted to gain permission to organize a ladies' conversation majlis. I submitted a handwritten letter in Arabic to the mudier and met with your female staff. This would have been a hour once or twice a week when Arabic speaking staff and learners of all levels would gather, yeshrub shay and SPEAK ARABIC, whether fusha, khaleej or other 'amaayah. This has never been allowed.
    My teachers were MUMTAZEEN. As I reached higher levels, classroom instruction was always conducted in Arabic. The staff was kind and helpful and often let me sit with them so I could hear and speak Arabic. HOWEVER, as Arabic is generally not spoken on Doha streets and it is difficult to meet locals (especially the ladies), without a majlis there is LOW TO ZERO opportunity to practice what I've learned at Fanar in Doha.
    It is for all these reasons that I stopped attending Fanar programs.
    سندي كنالي


    Kay said...

    Bummer. :-(

    Peggy S. Hedrick said...

    Sad for you. Confusing as to Fanar, and the reason(s) that they may have for abandoning two students who would work so hard to learn the language, and understand the culture, of their country.