Friday, September 5, 2014

Pondering the Positives

In Missouri, USA, summer thunder rolls in like a drum crescendo with wind that twists trees and whips grass, flowers, earth into a festival of scents. Then it rumbles away leaving a glorious, cloudless blue sky framed by lush multihued green and clean, crisp, 70Fs (20Cs), Fall-sweet air. Perfect for jogging, mowing, barbecuing, jumping into raked mountains of crunchy leaves, hay rides, apple picking, evenings roasting marshmallows over a patio fire pit.
I watch the light show from my kitchen window wrapped in a cozy blanket, plane ticket in my hand, a 25-hour (minimum) journey in my future.
(Excepting the way-cute hubby) these are the toughest moments for reflecting upon the positives of another long trip over land and sea. I begged help from my support network of seasoned, experienced, expat travelers.

"What's your favorite thing about Doha?" I asked.

This is what they said (edited for list-making):

  • sand dune bashing

  • Inland Sea camping

  • the souq

  • unexpected friendships

  • worldly conversations

  • exploring new interests

  • mangroves

  • Doha is a great travel hub

  • you can't take "weekend/long weekend" trips to random places in the world from the States like you can here

  • an eclectic group of friends from all over the world

  • free world class level sporting events

  • the beach on a regular basis

  • variety of foods

  • friends from afar: England, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, Lebanon, Spain, and Germany to name a few

  • winter in Doha, bringing cooler temps and the chance to be outside

  • travel opportunities

  • understanding what really is the "Middle East" and having a new found respect for this part of the world - we are so accustomed to what we see on TV in the US that reality is quite a bit different than the news' sometimes "skewed" vision of the Middle East

BMD Ladies and friends gather for "high tea"
to celebrate Mary Anne's birthday
February 2014, Doha

Thank you, BMD Ladies Abroad, Dawn, Bridget, Samantha, Mary Anne!


Peggy S. Hedrick said...

What about "senior expats"? All of the above, from this one. Plus, enjoying sitting at my desk, like a fly on the wall, enjoying the experiences of later generations of expats!

Charles Hedrick said...

Thanks; the educational benefits of travel and living abroad are absolutely intoxicating.

Can you "ponder the positives" about living in America for those not fortunate to share the very heady experience of living and working abroad in a foreign culture?