Saturday, May 25, 2013

48 hours in Doha - pictures

Chicago to Doha, non-stop:  North America, Europe, Africa, Asia.  An ocean, a couple of seas, 13 hour journey, plus an 8 hour time difference.
It's my 7th trip across the world - and the good folks at Qatar Airways surprise me with a business class upgrade:  porcelain mugs, plates, bowls, tiny salt and pepper shakers, complementary full sized toothbrush.  Would you like wine, Ma'am?  Coffee?  Soda?  Nuts in a glass bowl?  Spacious seat, movie screen at the end of a pull out bed, cozy pajamas and a quilted blanket.
My knees are happy.  But inside my head:
this is what jet lag feels like
Off the plane and it's back to work:  training, meetings, case study notes.
And coffee, lots of coffee.
There is this:

Start to finish, one small load takes 6 hours
and this:
Dave Ramsey disciples hammering out the budget
What's the exchange rate again?
Finally, a long, long sleep:
And the world looks like this again:
quiet Friday morning boardwalk at The Pearl
shops closed for afternoon Siesta, 1-4pm, everyday
Palm trees in the city, loaded with dates
Time for dinner out:
we like the bottomless chips and salsa
A bookstore run:
more Office Max/Archivers than Barnes & Noble
commercial children's books, in Arabic
school supplies and books in English
Job site visit:
Big hole, filling up
Bob and Cindi, happy to be together again:
Late blog, few words. I will do better.  But first...


Anonymous said...

It sounds like you are really living the good life! (Except for jet lag, that is.)

Peggy said...

It was good to see you again--

Peggy said...

...and again...!!! nice visit. Have another good day.