Friday, April 12, 2013

Mshiereb: Our Doha "What/Why"

A slice of Mshiereb at Night - someone is working in the Big Hole 24/7
Here's what I know about Bob's employment in Doha:
The project is big.  In the billion dollar plus range. In a "wow, that's a Big Hole surrounded by chain link you got there" and a "cheez, them's a lot of cranes" kind of way.
The project is important.  A special viewing balcony overlooks the Big Hole to accommodate Sheikha Moza's visits to the job site.
The project is complicated.  Phase One A involves construction of four buildings, including a National Archive, Eid prayer ground and the Diwan Annex.  Phase One B consists of 27 diverse structures: hotels, apartments, offices, retail and mixed-used buildings, a mosque and more.  Phase One C consists of a school, townhomes and office buildings. The project employs thousands of people from all over the world.
There are more phases.  At this moment, Bob's company is not involved in them.
The color of a worker's hard hat identifies his/her function onsite:
white - manager/supervisor
red - safety guys
yellow - regular workers
blue - skilled workers
green - security personnel
(The function relative to the color of each hat may differ depending upon the project and the companies involved.)
Bob wears a white hat.
Each morning, six days/week, Bob rises at 5:30am.  He showers, dons business casual, swigs a cuppa Folgers Medium Classic and is out the door by 6:15am.  At the job site, he sits at a desk inside a trailer overlooking the Big Hole.
Job Site Trailer - front door
Construction packets create mountains, hills and valleys across his desk.  He reviews packet drawings, writes emails, makes phone calls, participates in meetings.  
Bob and Randy confer
Sometimes Bob likes what he sees in the drawings.  At these moments there is great joy inside the Big Hole.
Sometimes Bob doesn't like what he sees in the drawings.  There is gnashing of teeth inside the Big Hole.
Sometimes the issue concerns areas prematurely constructed.  Wailing and beating of chests pours out of the Big Hole.  (Just before the sounds of ripping, tearing and rebuilding begins…)
I pick Bob up each day between 5-6pm.  Sometimes he's ready to go.  Sometimes he's meeting with a contractor and I get some extra study time in.  Sometimes he's not there and I get to wait longer.
Waiting on Bob in Doha
Not long ago there was a chicken coop/garden overlooking the Big Hole.  One day, with no fanfare, a group of yellow hats tore it down.  I never learned the official reason for the coop's presence except that "Sheikha Moza want(ed) it there."

As this first part of the project whittles to a conclusion, Bob spends more time inside the Big Hole.  He climbs to the roof tops of buildings, looks over protected ledges and safely navigates sky-high scaffolding.  He wears steel-toed boots, hard hat, safety harness, safety glasses, jeans, tee shirt and a bright yellow vest for job site visits.
Bob, white hat, yellow vest, steel-toed boots
Want to know more?  Here's an official project video, published by Mshiereb on July 2, 2012:


Peggy said...

Really interesting. I didn't know that I didn't know--and would have asked if I had thought of it before you told us What/Why(?) Can't watch the video now (=don't have 6 minutes right now)but will be back as soon as I can to watch it, and then go through the what/why again.

Charles Hedrick said...

Wow, quite a project. It was a really well-informed video.

Peggy said...

I agree, quite a project & a well done video!

Peggy said...

Here I am again -- following your link on TODAY's (1/18/2014) post. It was great to be reminded as to how things work--the plans for and Bob's involvement in the project. Worth watching again!!!